Regular tow and flatbed services are available. Let us help you get your car off the road safely. Whether you need a tow for service or just need a car or truck moved, we are here to serve you the customers needs at a fast time and an affordable rate.

-Rental car service/assistance: Can't be without a car? Or just need a car to rent. Contact Elite Auto Collision about our rental car assistance program. We will help you with your rental while your car is being worked on.


-Company Fleet service: Auto Fleet Services- Here at Elite Auto Collision,we have built a reputation of honesty, hard work and integrity. We strive to go that “extra mile” and deliver value-added service to our clients. We guarantee our work beyond industry standards, and at a reasonable price. Elite Auto Collision understands that today’s clients need their vehicles to operate efficiently and trouble-free more than ever. Business fleet vehicles need to have minimal downtime and maximum performance. We can accommodate timely service appointments and work to have it completed on time, the first time.

-Valet Services: To help manage your time, replacement cars are offered and are available while your repair is being finished. We also offer a valet service for pick up and delivery of you or your vehicle.